Teeth Whitening

The Importance of First Impressions

It has famously been said that “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” This makes your smile a very important feature. Nothing creates a first impression quite like a brilliant and friendly smile. Unfortunately, dental defects and stained teeth can cause many folks to hesitate to smile or even to hide their smile. This puts a serious damper on your confidence and, consequently, reduces the chances of making a positive first impression.

Teeth whitening is an affordable and efficient first step towards improving the beauty of your smile. Of course, this treatment is purely for aesthetic purposes and will not produce an actual physical impact on your health. There is no doubt that it will build your confidence to interact freely in business and social settings.

Are There Options?

If you are interested in pursuing teeth whitening, there are a few options that you can be informed about for proper consideration. Dr. Dempsey is an expert in these options and can help you determine the best course of action for your situation.

These options provide a brief overview of the most commonly used teeth-whitening procedures:

  • Professional whitening conducted at the dentist’s office – We highly recommend this option for a couple of reasons. This option provides the benefits of professional help and advice. Also, this option will produce the most obvious and immediate results. If you are needing to get several shades whiter within a short period of time, this is the best choice for you. This can be perfect for an important job interview, a high school reunion, or other quickly approaching social engagements. You can make one visit to your dentist and walk with teeth that are several shades white.
  • Teeth whitening gels and trays – This option has the main benefit of being cheaper for your budget. On the down side, the results are generally less obvious and certainly not seen as quickly. In addition, there are fewer tray sizes available, so you are more likely to experience discomfort to your mouth and gums because of trays that do not exactly fit your mouth.
  • Teeth whitening strips – These are generally easy to use and effective. However, they also carry the disadvantage of slower results.
  • Teeth-whitening toothpaste – While these products tend to be advertised as teeth whitening, it should be noticed that they are normally a simple polishing treatment.

No matter which method you may choose, no whitening treatment is permanent. They do, however, help produce a bright smile that can provide positive benefits for many scenarios.

These treatments can provide effect help if your teeth have become discolored or stained by the normal aging process, by staining, or by chemical damage from something such as smoking. It is certainly a great way to make a positive difference in your smile for a reasonable cost.