Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Dempsey and his staff want your dental appointments to be as pleasant as possible. We offer sedation dentistry as a mean of reducing anxiety about your treatments. With sedation dentistry, it is possible for you to have a dental experience that is free of anxiety and discomfort.

Dental Anxiety is Not Unusual

It has been discovered by researchers that as much as 75% of American dental patients suffer from anxiety at some level during dentist appointments. If you experience higher levels of anxiety, you are part of a fairly large group. The big mistake would be for you to avoid important checkups and necessary procedures due to your anxiety. Missing these appointments will ultimately lead to undiagnosed and untreated dental issues. This will produce a serious deterioration in oral health.

Is There a Solution for Dental Anxiety?

A great number of dental patients have found great relief for their nervousness through sedation dentistry. Oral sedation is responsible for easing the anxiety of thousands of nervous patients. Sedation dentistry has also provided relief for patients with extra-sensitive gag reflexes, for patients who experience difficulty in getting number, and for patients whose schedule require them to get multiple procedures done in one appointment.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry makes use of safe and effective medications to eliminate any nervousness and discomfort that you may typically feel while in a dental procedure. Trained members of our staff will review your medical history and help you determine the best sedation method for your situation. Sedation dentistry has been demonstrated to provide safe and reliable relief for tens of thousands of patients. Not only will you find significant relief during your appointment, you will also discover that your recovery process will be significantly aided.

Stop by our office for a FREE CONSULTATION regarding the benefits of sedation dentistry for your situation. We would never want you to miss crucial appointments and treatments because of anxiety and unease. We can relieve your concerns and keep moving forward with your important oral healthcare.