General Dentistry

The staff at Comprehensive Family Dentistry of Wexford Gardens is passionate about restoring beautiful smiles to our patients. We also find great joy in helping our patients learn great preventative care so that costly and painful restorative treatments can be avoided. During your regularly scheduled checkups and exams, we diligently look for the smallest issues so that we can prevent them from becoming large issues. Early diagnosis gives us opportunities for more conservative and less expensive treatment options. This also helps us preserve your original teeth much more often.

You can play a major role in this preventative care by learning to carry out consistent, thorough oral hygiene. A commitment to regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing will significantly aid you in having excellent oral health. In addition to practicing excellent oral hygiene, we encourage you to be committed to your scheduled six-month checkups, exams, and cleanings. At times, patients will be tempted to skip these appointments if they are not currently in any dental pain. However, when you skip these checkups, we miss crucial opportunities to early signs of damage, decay, and gum disease. It is also important to be checked a couple of times each year for oral cancer. When diagnosed in its early stage, it is very survivable and treatable. When oral cancer is not caught until later stages, it can often be deadly. Early detection of any dental issues provides much better options for treatment.

We are committed to providing competent and professional preventative care for you and your family. We have equipped our office with the best in dental technology and provided our staff with the best in dental training. Our staff is friendly and will treat you like family. They are professional and will give you exceptional care. Our goal is to provide superior oral care for your family at a reasonable price.

Call our office today and get your regular checkups scheduled. You do not want to wait to get started on preventative care.