Cosmetic Dentistry

Build Your Dream Smile!

Research has revealed that up to 80% of American teens are undergoing orthodontic treatment of some kind. Maintaining optimal dental health is challenging, even if your original set of teeth are in perfect shape. Many popular activities and sports have the potential to damage to your natural teeth. Regular consumption of sodas, tea, coffee or using cigarettes can cause damage as well. A fall or accident can also cause damage. With damaged teeth, a person may be hesitant to smile, laugh or speak in public.

Because of monumental advances in the field of cosmetic dentistry, almost any aesthetic dental problem can be completely addressed. Cosmetic dentistry is used to improve your smile to its natural beauty. Dr. Dempsey is an expert and would love to help you find the precise treatment that will produce the best results for you. That beautiful smile you have always imagined can happen!

Is Cosmetic Dentistry for Me?

Anyone looking for a more brilliant smile is a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. Our office provides a wide range of possibilities. From a simple cosmetic change to completely rebuilding your entire smile, our doctors and staff are trained to help you find the best solution. Restoring your confidence in daily activities is our greatest motivation.

What is the Cost?

The cost of cosmetic dentistry varies by situation and is based on different factors. Dr. Dempsey will help you find the unique set of procedures that will restore your natural smile. Our staff will help you find the best option for your financial situation. We want to help you achieve your cosmetic goals without burdening your budget.  We will help you learn if your insurance covers the procedures you need. Even if you do not have insurance we can help! We can develop a payment plan that is comfortable and manageable for you. We are committed to providing professional and excellent work at a budget-friendly price. Call us today to schedule a consultation.