What is a bridge?

A bridge restores the natural smile by replacing missing teeth. Healthy, existing teeth anchor a bridge of high-quality replacement teeth. The replacements fill the empty space caused by one more more missing teeth. As a result, a natural, beautiful smile is restored. The bridge is to keep the remaining anchor teeth in place. When an empty space is left, the bone structure can dissolve and change over time. Eating and speaking can eventually become difficult.

What is the Process?

First, our dentist will build supports using the existing natural teeth to anchor the bridge in place. After the supports, a mold of the entire area where the bridge is to be placed is created. Our lab will use this unique mold to create your custom-fitted bridge.  Crowns are placed on your real teeth at each end of the bridge to keep the replacement teeth in place. The custom bridge that has been properly prepared and fabricated will feel just as natural as your real teeth.